Testimonials in Support of a National

Apprenticeship for Assemblers, Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

This industry is starving for a national accreditation program that will result in improved quality, safety and productivity. It will be a big boost to the overall morale of these hard-working craftsmen.

John Blanco, Roland Construction

and Stockton Builders Exchange


To put a program like this one in place Nationally would allow for a larger pool of qualified workers throughout the country that would be safer, more efficient and would allow for lower costs throughout the erection process ad more importantly allow each one of these men and women to go home to their families safe at night. I fully support the efforts of the Metal Building Institute and I hope that you will move forward with the authorization and certification of this program.

Kenneth D. Nichols, Jr.

Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Nucor Building Systems


I am the Executive Director of the Builders Exchange of Stockton, in San Joaquin County, CA. My association represents approximately 600 construction companies in this area.

I can say without a doubt that there is a tremendous need for a standardized program for pre-engineered building erectors. It would be a great help in the industry to have a program that would turn out educated, qualified workers who want to pursue a career in the metal building field. It would also help in many other ways including job-site safety, productivity and employee morale.

The time is long overdue for this apprenticeship program to begin.

Michael Self, Executive Director

Builders Exchange of Stockton


As a pre-engineered Metal Building Manufacturer, Chief recognizes the importance of assuring quality and safety in the assembling of our products. As a matter of fact, our company success depends on it. We have over 400 independent Authorized Builders that also rely on a quality, productive, stable, workforce of erectors. Architects, engineers, insurers and owners have a lot to gain from the increased confidence in the quality and consistency by such program.

John Price, President/General Manager

Chief Buildings, A division of Chief Industries



It was good news to hear that you are continuing to push for a Nationally recognized program to train the field erectors of our metal building systems through the “assembler Pre-engineered Metal Building Apprenticeship Program.” This is a vital program for the future of the construction industry. The availability of trained workers has diminished over time and we need to replenish our workforce with workers who understand the nature of our products and the intricacies of assembling an engineered steel building system.


We fully support your efforts to finalize a professional approach to training field erectors and the need to have it recognized and supported by the Department of Labor.

Keith E. Fisher, PE President and CEO RCC Buildings Group, An NCI Company

Past Chairman, Metal Building Manufacturers Association

Metal-Bilt Construction emphasizes the importance of safety in all our projects. It takes time and money to develop a safety and training program. We presently use the safety forms that are available to us from the MBCEA. We feel they have the expertise to develop these programs with a Assembler, pre-Engineered Metal Apprenticeship Program in place this will guarantee that our employees continue to be trained in all aspects of safety thus making the work place safer for everyone.

Broward Brahier

President, Metal-Bilt Construction, LLC


We are metal building contractors and erectors serving all New England States. We feel strongly that an apprenticeship program would help our industry by insuring that we have a pool of qualified workers that are trained in safe practices of metal building erection.

Stephen D. Moore

President, MMS Northeast, Inc.


This Apprenticeship Program will greatly improve (and simplify) my need for better educated, better trained people. In time, a solid training program will create a large pool of qualified labor, and workers are trained to set standards. We know firsthand, it takes time and money to develop a safety and training program – that is why I joined the MBCEA – they have the skills to develop these programs.

B. G. Sick, Safety Coordinator, Rackley Company, Inc.


I have learned a lot about the erection business from some very talented individuals. However, I still have so much to learn. I believe we need the US Department of Labor to allow the MBCEA to oversee the administration of an Assembler, Pre-engineered Metal Building Apprenticeship program. The Metal Building Erection trade needs a formal training program that has standards.


In conclusion, I believe the US Department of Labor approval of our request for the MBCEA to oversee an erectors apprentice program will improve the quality of construction throughout the USA.

John Fore, Steelman, Inc.


The Building Apprenticeship Program is critical to the industry as a way of training and measuring the skills and abilities of our employees. Currently each company spends a lot of money and effort reinventing the wheel doing training. Our employees want to differentiate themselves as much as our companies want to be better qualified than our competitors and be more productive each year. Nationally recognized training programs will help consumers know who is making the effort to do it right and who is not. Safety requirements are more and more stringent but there is no standardized training program  so we all work at it differently and claim that we have done a great job. Standardization will allow us to measure ourselves against others in our industry, as well get credit for  our efforts if we are doing a great job. It will allow architects and engineers who specify construction requirements for bids to make a judgment on the installers ability to perform the work.

Please consider this important program for the growth of our industry.

Barry Zepp, President

Martin Construction



Why an industry that represents nearly 50% of all low-rise commercial construction does not have a standardized universal training program is inconceivable! A standardized training program will also mean a recognized trade classification, more qualified workforce, safer workplaces, and ease of relocation for laid off workers and a career path for workers in our industry.

Lauger Companies Inc proudly encourages the Department of Labor to support our industry. Recognize the efforts of the MBCEA to improve our industry and the workplace for all our companies and the metal building assemblers.

Craig Luger, President

Lauger Companies, Inc.


This is not a hope we can get this off the ground situation. It is a do or die situation for our industry. I have known for years that there needed to be an apprenticeship program in place for the metal building industry and it makes sense from every aspect it is reviewed. A first class apprenticeship program that is supervised and held accountable would produce all of the following and so much more:

  1. Safety – Through specific safety training geared toward the metal building trade vs. general safety, it would no doubt reduce accidents and the huge cost that go with them.
  2. Quality – this is a “no-brainer”. Every other craft has training available because it is common sense that workers who are trained in their field will provide quality work and be much more productive for their company. In return the more profitable company can pay a higher wage to the employee.
  3. Contractor – The contractor is more profitable because of better production, less costs due to fewer accidents and less chance of litigations.
  4. Customer is satisfied because he gets what he pays for: a top quality job.
  5. Apprentice – each apprentice gets a competitive wage and learns lifetime trade.

There are too many advantages to mention in a short letter. Thank you again for your extensive research, tenacity and aggressiveness in getting this this far. We must move forward with this program. Please let us know if there is anything that I can do to help, I will make myself available anytime. This is a top priority for our company. 

Steve Birmingham

President, Birmingham & Associates, Inc.


While others within the construction industry have community college level course offerings for those who specialize in items such as HVAC and Electrical, at the present moment no such thing exists specifically for the pre-engineered metal building erector. The MBCEA along with the Metal Buildings Institute have formulated a DVD training series to help those employers who need to instruct their employees on metal building assembly and installation. This DVD series has helped some, but in the end it does not train like the program Gary Smith spoke with you about. The MBI would do a wonderful job of making sure those entering our industry’s workforce to be pre-engineered metal building assemblers had the knowledge and on the job training needed to be successful and functional members of this growing industry.

Stan Bodsford, Vice President

 Carolina Metal Building Technologies, Inc.


Several years ago a few metal building contractors and erectors set up an apprenticeship – training program here in Illinois but we were lacking administration and course content so it faltered. I am 100% in favor of having a source of apprenticeship training with centralized administration and course content development.

P.S. I can’t imagine anyone in our business not wanting this type of an apprenticeship program.


Bob Ketenbrink, CEO

Spacemark, Inc.



Quality & Craftsmanship DVD Series (click image)
Quality & Craftsmanship DVD Series (click image)

Produced by the Metal Buildings Institute and Global Digital Solutions, MBCEA is offering a twelve DVD training program series. These programs were created by Erectors for people involved in the construction of metal buildings. The training series has instruction in both English and Spanish.