Apprenticeship is recognized as the insurance a business needs, now more than ever, to ensure an ongoing stream of talent development that will maximize productivity.

More and more states and projects require contractors to have an approved apprenticeship program in order to be considered or be qualified. The Metal Buildings Institute (MBI) has received Federal recognition of its Guidelines for Apprenticeship, Assembler Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings. Metal building contractors and erectors across the nation are in the process of implementing this exciting new program. Gary Smith, Chair of Apprenticeship Committee, “participation and enthusiasm for this key training initiative is extremely positive.” Click here for application.
Metal_Workers_3 Metal Buildings Institute offers a pathway to apprenticeship with National Guidelines recognized and authorized by the US Department of Labor. The program develops loyalty and dependability in employees. Assembler, Pre-engineered Steel Building is the job category applicable to Pre-Engineered Steel Building Erection. Although Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings account for almost half of all commercial industrial low rise construction, there has not been a nationally recognized registered apprenticeship program dedicated to their erection until today.

Registered apprenticeship has long been considered the premier model for training and educating a workforce. The US DOL web site ( states “From a government perspective, the return on investment is enormous. For every dollar spent by the federal government to support registered apprenticeship, $50 in tax revenue is generated, not to mention $100 in private sector investments.” And support it they do; in addition to job preferences, many states offer tax credits and other incentives.
Quality & Craftsmanship DVD Series (click image)
Quality & Craftsmanship DVD Series (click image)

Produced by the Metal Buildings Institute and Global Digital Solutions, MBCEA is offering a twelve DVD training program series. These programs were created by Erectors for people involved in the construction of metal buildings. The training series has instruction in both English and Spanish.